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This list of films is only a small sample!

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This list is NOT up to date, but a small sample of our films. For a complete updated list email us.


Benefits as a producer represented by Global Film Sales:

  • Reasonable representation fee, which includes film submission offers to over 1,500 buyers in 65 countries worldwide. *
  • Reasonable sales percentage.
  • Monies paid by distributors/buyers will be received by a third party collection company and the amounts will be paid out as instructed in our agreement with each party receiving their respective share.
  • Monthly Accounting Statements (15 Days after the end of the month).
  • One (1) Year term renewable automatically without extra cost. Cancel anytime after that.
  • Be in control of all offers from buyers by accepting or refusing them on a country by country and a window by window basis.

Benefits as a distributor/buyer doing business with Global Film Sales:

  • Films have been screened out for you to save you time in looking for good films for your country.
  • Experienced in international business.
  • Speak English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Sign agreements in your own country.

*Note: It does NOT include costs of creating marketing elements or any expenses that must be invested in finishing the film or creating deliverable elements, including E&O, masters, etc.

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